August 30, 2012, The first Buisness meeting of the Eastern North Carolina MPO/RPO Coalition was held in New Bern, NC. Representatives from 13 of the 14 member MPO and RPOs were present to approve the Coalition Sturcture and elect the Chair and Vice Chair to lead the Coalition's Charge. Mr. Jack Best of Wayne County was elected to serve as Chairman with Mr. Michael Lazzara elected to serve as Vice-Chairman. Topics discussed were the Equity Formula, Mobility Funds, Project Prioritization, and Ferry Tolling.


March 16, 2012, Governors Summit was held at the Murphy's Center located on the Campus of East Carolina University in Greenville NC. .

October 18, 2011, working group of MPO and RPO representatives met and discussed the top priority highway projects for each organization. It was discussed that many of these projects would likely receive the maximum 100 points from their organization and thus would not be candidates for receiving points from neighboring organizations. In an effort to emphasize regional support for these projects, it was agreed to draft a resolution of support for the top priority projects in the region and ask each RPO and MPO Transportation Advisory Committee to adopt the resolution.

October 7, 2011 a summit was held in Kinston NC between NCDOT leadership and the Down East RPO, Eastern Carolina RPO, Goldsboro MPO, Greenville MPO, Jacksonville MPO, Mid-East RPO, and the Upper Coastal Plain RPO. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential for regional cooperation in project prioritization and the top priority highway projects for each organization. It was agreed at that meeting to establish a smaller committee of two to three representatives from each of the participating RPOs and MPOs.

Summer 2011, NCDOT leadership met with the Highway 70 Corridor Commission and Eastern Carolina RPO leadership. It was discussed that strategic highway corridors in Eastern North Carolina had changed little over the past several decades. In order to improve the economic conditions throughout eastern North Carolina and given the current NCDOT financial limitations, it was agreed that the RPOs and MPOs must work cooperatively to promote the construction of key highway projects in the region. It was discussed that in the NCDOT SPOT 2.0 prioritization for the fall of 2011, RPOs and MPOs would be allowed to prioritize projects outside of their jurisdiction. This new possibility for regional partnering on transportation prioritization led to the development of the Eastern North Carolina MPO/RPO coalition.