Eastern North Carolina Coalition Structure

Coalition Board Membership
Member Defined as the TAC representative from each Transportation Planning Organization, with one Alternate designated. Both the Member and Alternate must be an elected official with authority to vote on behalf of their respective Transportation Planning Organization.


Board Members Role
To support and provide guidance on Coalition activities.


Staff Team Officers Elected to 1 Calendar year term with 2 consecutive year term limit, elections will occur in January
Executive Director
Assistant Director


Roles and Responsibilities of Management Team Board and other members
Executive Director Serves as Executive Director of the Eastern Carolina Coalition working with TAC members, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Moderator and Event Coordinator to organize meeting agenda.

Assistant Director Serves as Chair in absence of Chair. Works with Event Coordinator to set up meeting locations and other meeting logistics as needed.

Secretary Serves as record keeper and records minutes for each meeting.


Rotating Staff Team Roles
Event Coordinator Works with Vice-Chair to set up meeting location and other meeting logistics as needed.


Designated Meeting Locations
Goldsboro, Greenville, Jacksonville, Kinston, New Bern, & Washington


Annual summit held in Greenville starting 2013